UPDATE: Matt Chaffee responds to resolution asking him to resign from PHM school board

(Photo supplied/PHM Board of Trustees)

UPDATE  3 p.m. 5/15: Matt Chaffee has issued a statement to 95.3 MNC’s Casey Hendrickson. The statement reads as follows:

On April 23, 2024, a story was published about me alleging I pay for prostitutes, alleging I have
an alcohol or substance abuse problem, and alleging I have mental health issues.
Based on the advice of not only my team of legal advisors, but, most importantly, based on a
pending and active investigation by an investigative agency into the sources behind this story, I
have been asked not to comment on the story or the allegations so as not to interfere with or
disrupt that investigation. As much as I would love to comment on the tactics being used against
me, I am heeding the advice of my attorneys and this investigative agency.
I will not be resigning as a PHM School Board Trustee, nor will I be publicly commenting on
this issue in the future until the investigation is concluded. My focus will remain on serving the
constituents that have elected me into office and our PHM community.
I appreciate the support and outreach I’ve received from the PHM community and others. I will
continue to be your voice and serve your children with the highest standard of integrity and
transparency that I’ve shown throughout my tenure as a PHM School Board Trustee.

UPDATE 12 a.m. 5/15: Members of the Penn Harris Madison Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the resolution calling for board member Matt Chaffee’s resignation. Despite the approval, a few parents and community members spoke in defense of Chaffee, arguing that the resolution was wrong since it was based on allegations and not proof of any criminal wrongdoing.  Chaffee did not attend the meeting and has not responded to the board’s request for comment. He also has not resigned and does not have to, despite the passage of the resolution.

Listen to the full board meeting here:

ORIGINAL STORY: A special meeting is set for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14, of the Penn Harris Madison board of trustees, as members consider a resolution calling for trustee Matt Chaffee to resign.

The resolution lists the allegations that were first detailed by Real News Michiana: multiple incidents involving prostitutes, including a recent incident involving a prostitute in which the prostitute robbed Chaffee and stole his wallet.

The resolution also states that School Board Members and School Corporation administrators have been contacted by members of the community expressing their concern regarding the alleged activities and voicing concern that Chaffee is not fit to serve.

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Alyssa Foster


Slacker06 May 14, 2024 at 6:16 pm

Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY is our standard. And this coming from the teacher’s union that wants to show pornography to our kids in school.

Charles U Farley May 15, 2024 at 7:51 pm

Prostitution, gambling, and marijuana should be legal. I’m not sure how prostitution is different than dealing with the IRS. You give money and get the same thing in return.

Jokes aside, with all the sleaze and slime the lefties on the PHM school board are and do, I see no reason for Matt Chaffee to resign.

This is another lefty political stunt to get rid of someone who impedes their grand plans, and nothing more.


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