Boston Marathon 2015: 26 runners represent north central Indiana at annual race

Twenty-six runners from north central Indiana were among the 30,251 people racing the 2015 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20.

The annual race attracts runners from around the world.  Fifteen men and 11 women represented this area. Here’s how local runners did, according to the official BAA results website:

  • Nick Battles of Goshen finished 2,146th overall and 2,030th among men in the Boston Marathon. His time was 2:58:07, a pace of 6:48.
  • Samuel Richardson of Goshen finished 2,753rd overall and 2,599th among men at 3:00:26, a pace of 6:53.
  • Mark Davidhizar of Elkhart finished 2,798th overall and 2,641st among men. HIs time of 3:00.43 nets a pace of 6:54.
  • Chad Ganger of Mishawaka finished 3,889th overall and 3,609th among men with a time of 3:06:31, a 7:07 pace.
  • Ben Heilman of Warsaw finished 5,683rd overall and 5,029th among men with a time of 3:14:30, a 7:26 pace.
  • Tim Legge of South Bend finished 8,378th overall and 6,784th among men. His time was 3:24:41, a pace of 7:49.
  • Paul Patrick of Plymouth finished 8,464th overall and 6,832nd among men at 3:24:59, a pace of 7:50.
  • Julie Rodriquez of South Bend finished 9,797th overall and 2,240th among women with a time of 3:29:01, a 7:59 pace.
  • Nathan Winslow of Warsaw finished 11,761st overall and 8,450th among men. His time was 3:34:55, an 8:12 pace.
  • Kent Maden of Granger finished 11,969th overall and 8,541st among men with a time of 3:35:34, an 8:14 pace.
  • Randall Jacobs of Goshen finished 12,675th overall and 8,837th among men at 3:37:47, a pace of 8:19.
  • Laura Carlson of South Bend finished 13,254th overall and 4,168th among women with a time of 3:39:32, a 8:23 pace.
  • Bekah Shenk of Elkhart finished 13,558th overall and 4,346th among women. Her time of 3:40:24 nets a pace of 8:25.
  • Kenneth Henderson of Granger finished 14,506th overall and 9,585th among men with a time of 3:43:32, a 8:32 pace.
  • Terry Bush of South Bend finished 15,964th overall and 10,129th among men at 3:48:40, an 8:44 pace.
  • Jennifer Scott of South Bend finished 16,383rd overall and 6,083rd among women with a time of 3:50:10, a pace of 8:47.
  • Tim Overmyer of Plymouth finished 16,858th overall and 10,498th among men. His time was 3:51:51, a 8:51 pace.
  • Krista Nicholson of Warsaw finished 17,142nd overall and 6,530th among women with a time of 3:52:49, an 8:53 pace.
  • Trudi Sahlhoff of Bremen finished 19,585th overall and 8,006th among women with a time of 4:04:11, a 9:19 pace.
  • Ernest Galos of South Bend finished 20,180th overall and 11,820th among men at 4:07:51, a 9:28 pace.
  • Michalen Maternowski of South Bend finished 20,860th overall and 8,784th among women with a time of 4:12:13, a 9:38 pace.
  • Jennifer Stone of Granger finished 21,802nd overall and 9,335th among women at 4:19:35, a 9:55 pace.
  • Lisa Smith of South Bend finished 21,812nd overall and 9,338th among women with a time of 4:19:37, a 9:55 pace.
  • Audra Mark of South Bend finished 24,171st overall and 10,631st among women with a time of 4:45:23, a 10:54 pace.
  • Tracy Klopfenstein of Goshen finished 24,172nd overall and 10,632nd among women at 4:45:23, a 10:54 pace.
  • Dale Fischer of LaPorte finished 25,657th overall and 14,170th among men at 5:19:28, a 12:12 pace.

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