Indiana tax amnesty begins, aims to collect at least $90M


By: Rick Callahan/Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s second tax amnesty period in the past decade is under way, giving delinquent taxpayers a chance to pay their tax bills free of penalties, interest and collection fees.

Indiana Department of Revenue Commissioner Andrew Kossack says officials hope to recover at least $90 million during the amnesty period that began Tuesday and runs through Nov. 16.

The two-month program authorized by state lawmakers is being counted on to provide $84 million for a new regional cities program and $6 million to support Amtrak’s Hoosier State line.

Kossack says about 260,000 corporations, small businesses and individuals who owe about $500 million are eligible for the amnesty program.

Indiana’s first tax amnesty period was in 2005, when the state collected $244 million of some $1.3 billion in unpaid taxes.