Registered nurse, teacher, truck driver top list of high paying jobs in demand in Indiana


By: Jon Zimney

( Commons)

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has unveiled the new regional Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs lists highlighting top jobs around the state.

The list is modeled after the statewide jobs list released last year and contain projections of the 50 most high-wage, high-demand jobs in each of Indiana’s 12 economic growth regions over the next decade.

The Top 10 of the Top 50 are:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Licensed Practical Nurse
  3. K-12 Teacher
  4. Post-Secondary Teacher
  5. Truck Driver
  6. Wholesale or Manufacturing Sales Representative
  7. General Manager
  8. Accountant-Auditor
  9. Office Manager
  10. Electricican

You can check out the entire list of jobs and their salaries on the Hoosier Hot 50 website.