16-year-old boy to serve probation for robbery that ended in death


A 16-year-old boy was sentenced to about two years of probation for his part in a robbery that ended in a friend’s death.

Antonio Collado pleaded guilty to one count of robbery, a level three felony, and was sentenced to six years in prison, with four years suspended and two years on probation, according to online court records.

Collado, Taylor Roberts and Kiera Kurzhal and 16-year-old Troy Mapes went to Crawford Park on Feb. 20 with other people to meet 20-year-old Zachary Sanders for a drug deal, Prosecutor Ken Cotter said.

Collado and Mapes got into Sanders’ car, held up a gun and robbed Sanders of cash, then ran from the car. Sanders drove toward Collado and Mapes, hit Mapes and then drove off.

Mapes died a few hours later at Memorial Hospital of South Bend.

Sanders was charged with voluntary manslaughter. He’s scheduled to go to trial in September. Roberts and Kurzhal also pleaded guilty to felony robbery charges. Roberts is scheduled to be sentenced June 29 and Kurzhal’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 20.


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