Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence to deliver address at GOP convention

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence will be in the spotlight when he takes the stage at the Republican National Convention.

Pence will deliver a prime-time address Wednesday night along with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. For many Americans, Pence’s speech at the convention will be their introduction to him. Though he’s served both in Congress and as Indiana’s governor, Pence is largely unknown to the American broader public, making his convention address all the more important.

Pence’s selection has helped reassure Republicans who are skeptical that Trump will govern as a true conservative. But Hillary Clinton’s campaign has already declared Pence the “most extreme” vice presidential candidate “in a generation.”

Trump will close the convention with an acceptance speech Thursday night.

You can hear live coverage of the Republican National Convention Wednesday night on 95.3 MNC.


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