Benton Harbor voters will now vote in May over millage issue

("I Vote" by Kelley Minars, CC BY -SA 2.0)

Voters in Benton Harbor will have to wait a few months on deciding whether to approve a sinking fund millage for schools.

The vote for Benton Harbor Area Schools was scheduled for November, but now the vote for or against the sinking fund millage has been rescheduled to May, according to WNDU.

This decision was reached by the school board at a special meeting Tuesday night, though at least one member wanted to continue with the planned vote in November.

The sinking fund would pay for repairs and maintenance, and a successful argument was made that a May vote allows the schools more time to present the merits of the millage to the voters in the district.

The sinking fund generates about $1.4 million dollars for its two mills every year for 10 years total.


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