Federal appeals court hearing arguments in Indiana refugee ban case

("Iraq: Cash for the Most Vulnerable_413" by European Commission DG ECHO, CC BY-ND 2.0)

CHICAGO (AP) – A federal appeals court in Chicago is set to hear arguments in Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s appeal of a ruling that blocked his order to bar state agencies from helping Syrian refugees resettle in Indiana.

The appeals court is considering the case Wednesday, about two months before voters decide if Pence will be the nation’s next vice president.

After the November Paris attacks, Pence said he didn’t believe the federal government was adequately screening refugees from war-torn Syria. In February, a federal judge found Pence’s order discriminatory against refugees.

Pence administration attorneys say the directive is “narrowly tailored” in the interest of public safety. But the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana argues refugees are extensively vetted and the state’s argument is “built on fear.”

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  1. I would have Indiana not let them in based on fear rather than let some savage in to our state or country for that matter. I do not trust the government vetting any of these people. The ACLU/liberals can let these people stay with them in their homes for all I care.


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