Pending release stirs tough memories of Valparaiso murder

("My Trusty Gavel" by Brian Turner, CC BY 2.0)

VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) — The pending release of a man who was convicted of a gruesome abduction, rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman in Valparaiso has brought up painful memories for those involved in the case.

The Northwest Indiana Times reports that Porter Superior Court Judge Roger Bradford was notified that Rodney Wood was eligible to be released Oct. 12 to a community transition program. The judge blocked the move, but the 42-year-old Wood is scheduled for release from prison Feb. 9.

Wood, Perry Miller and William Harmon were convicted of abducting Christel Helmchen in 1990 from her overnight job at a convenience store. They took Helmchen to a rural construction site, where she was tied to a wall, beaten with a two-by-four and tire iron, repeatedly raped, and shot in the head.


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