Pennsylvania man crawls to road 3 days after deadly crash in Indiana

("Indiana State Police on patrol" by Steve Baker, CC BY-ND 2.0)

VERNON, Ind. (AP) — A Pennsylvania man whose girlfriend died when the SUV he was driving plunged down an embankment damaged his legs so badly that he had to stay with her body for three days before he was able to crawl to a roadside for help.

Indiana State Police say 37-year-old Nikki K. Reed died instantly when the car crashed Saturday afternoon near the Jennings-Ripley County line in southeast Indiana. Troopers found 39-year-old Kevin Bell on Tuesday evening.

Bell, of Dover, Pennsylvania, was taken with non-life threatening injuries to a hospital in North Vernon, about 65 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

Bell and Reed, of Seymour, Indiana, had been listed as missing and police say the crashed SUV wasn’t visible from the road.

The couple had been driving to Indiana from Pennsylvania.


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