Grade inflation being investigated at Purdue University

("EHB_3152" by Edward Blake, C.C. by 2.0)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — A faculty committee at Purdue University is trying to determine whether grade inflation has become an issue on campus.

The Journal and Courier reports grade point averages for current students are rising. But the university isn’t sure if it’s because incoming students are better prepared for college or professors are going easier on students.

David Sanders is chairman of the University Senate. He says the issue is complex and that’s why the committee is looking into it.

Purdue President Mitch Daniels says students enrolling today are entering with higher GPAs and test scores than in the past. He says the average high school GPA for incoming students rose from 3.40 in 2004 to 3.72 in 2015.

Purdue also has increased efforts to help students succeed in the classroom.


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