Indiana’s Secretary of State disputes claims of “political games” with voter fraud investigation


Indiana’s Democratic Party is lashing out at Secretary of State Connie Lawson for her handling of possible voter fraud.

Lawson announced this week she’s asked State Police to look into what she says are thousands of cases of voters’ names or birthdates being altered, saying it “may be a case of voter fraud.”

Democrats’ get-out-the-vote coordinator Peter Hanscom calls that statement “inflammatory rhetoric,” and compares it to Donald Trump’s repeated charges that next month’s election is “rigged.” He also accuses Lawson of “political games.”

Lawson called that accusation “absurd,” according to an email sent to our reporting partners at WOWO. She says she’s been receiving calls for two weeks from voters saying their registration has been changed.

The Indiana State Police is investigating both this case and another, involving 56 counties, including Allen.


  1. The Democrats are just jealous being so close to Chicago yet so far from their machine. Nothing like lying your way to electoral victory! Way to go Dems, you should be ashamed but you have not shame. If you did you’d work for your own money instead trying to spend what other people make.


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