6 trick-or-treating safety tips for Halloween night in Michiana


Between costumes and candy, there’s plenty of fun to be had on Halloween — but it can also be dangerous.

Kids are more than twice as likely to be hit by a vehicle and killed between 4 and 10 p.m. on Halloween than they are during the same time any other day of the year, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. That’s because those hours are popular for trick-or-treating, when there are more kids walking along streets than on any other night of the week.

And that’s not the only Halloween danger.

Halloween should be a fun holiday, but keeping it that way means being extra thoughtful about safety. Here are a few trick-or-treating safety tips from Safe Kids Worldwide to make sure your Halloween is filled with all treats and no tricks.

1. Wear makeup or face paint instead of masks and keep costumes light-colored if possible


Masks can make it difficult for kids to see everything around them easily.

2. Look both ways at least twice before crossing the street, even at corners and crosswalks


Sometimes drivers may not stop for people walking or they might not be paying attention themselves.

3. Walk on sidewalks — and if there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic


Make sure you can see vehicles coming so you can get out of the way if you need to.

4. Wear or carry glow sticks or flashlights while trick-or-treating


Regardless of how bright and easy to see your costume is, it’s a good idea to increase visibility with extra lighting.

5. If you’re driving, go extra slowly and pay special attention to trick-or-treaters


There will be more people on the streets than usual, but they won’t always be easy to see and they won’t always see your vehicle. Keep a sharp eye out and be very cautious — for their safety and yours.

6. Check the candy before digging in


Yeah, it’s unlikely that somebody put a razor blade in it like your parents always worried about, but the candy could have been tampered with in some way. It also could have accidentally ripped open or could just be old (yes, some people do give out old candy).

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