What is the usual voter turnout in battleground state Michigan?

Many expect better numbers this year than usual. But in Michigan, how many voters typically turn out for elections?

A third of Michigan’s 7.4 million registered voters didn’t vote in 2012, according to MLive.

A little more than 4.7 million ballots were cast, representing 63 percent of the voting age population, and 64 percent of registered voters in the state. And that was actually on the high end.

Records dating back to 1948 show a peak of 73 percent voting in 1960, ultimately choosing JFK over Nixon. The lows were about 55 percent in 1988, when George H. W. Bush beat Dukakis in the state, and 1996 when Clinton carried Michigan in his victory against Bob Dole.

In the last election, Michigan ranked 15th among the states for voter turnout.

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