Bogus voter registrations submitted in Indiana, per warrant

("Voting" by Call4Beach, C.C. by 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A search warrant says employees of an Indiana voter registration group with ties to the Democratic Party submitted several hundred registrations that included false or fraudulent information.

The warrant was unsealed Monday at the request of Patriot Majority, the group at the center of an Indiana State Police investigation. The warrant indicates state police contacted a handful of workers who admitted to falsifying registrations.

It was not immediately known if the fraudulent information resulted in illegally cast ballots.

Voter registration groups are required by law to submit all registrations they collect, even if they know they contain inaccurate information.

Many of the questionable registrations were flagged to elections officials when they were submitted.

The group says it was trying to register black voters in underrepresented areas before last week’s election.


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