South Bend leaders against another dollar store in west side


Don’t expect another dollar store in west South Bend.

City leaders in South Bend are reportedly down on the idea of another dollar store opening along Lincoln Way West, according to the South Bend Tribune.

A plan for a new Dollar General in the Lincoln Way West Corridor near The Volcano restaurant would not, in the words of Council President Tim Scott, “represent the kind of development that would help improve the area.”

Scott says there are a number of higher-scale businesses going up on the east side, and the hope is to do the same for the west side.


  1. Council President Tom Scott is clueless as usual…Any tax revenue from any retail store would be great located on the west side. There is nothing out there except the ridiculous “roundabouts”. Glad to know a Council Rep, is deciding what his vision is for the “Westside” of South Bend. Unfortunately investors won’t…That is why they are building on the “Eastside”.

    What a crock of crap!


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