Accused Elkhart murderer refuses plea deal, trial set for April

(Photo supplied/Elkhart County Sheriff's Department)

Prosecutors thought they were nearing a plea deal with an Elkhart man accused of stabbing his pregnant girlfriend to death. But it was not to be.

Israel Ordonez Calixto refused the plea deal and instead was given an extra charge tacked on that could see him face 20 more years in prison, according to the Elkhart Truth.

A feticide charge was dropped. Instead, Elkhart County Prosecutor Vicki Becker filed an amended charge of murder causing the termination of a pregnancy. That carries a six to 20 year term on top of the 45 to 65 years the murder charge carries.

Calixto is still facing murder charges following the Aug. 12 death of Savanna Best. Best was found wrapped up in a blanket in the apartment she shared at Old Farm Apartments on Mishawaka Rd. Calixto went to the northeast U.S. for a few days, according to court documents.

Calixto reportedly admitted to a friend during the trip that he killed Best, who was pregnant at the time. He’s facing 45-65 years in prison for the murder charge, along with three to six years in prison for the feticide charge.

Calixto’s trial will take place on April 17.



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