Comcast rates expected to go up soon


Comcast customers in Michiana are starting to receive mailers from the TV and Internet provider, warning them of impending rate hikes.

The average customer will pay 3.8% more in nationwide hikes announced late last year that will take effect next month. Comcast spokesman Mike Wilson says a lot of it has to do with the cost of doing business with others.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the costs that we’re charged by a lot of the popular networks, especially broadcast television, a lot of those costs have gone up for us, as well as sports programming,” Wilson says.

Wilson also cites improvements Comcast has made to their technology, including a significant amount of new Wi-Fi hotspots being installed throughout the area. See a breakdown of the monthly price increases below:

Broadcast TV Fee: up $2 to $7
Regional Sports Surcharge: up $2 to $5

Internet Plus: up from $77.95 to $82.95
Internet Pro Plus w/ Showtime: up from $81.95 to $86.95
Internet Pro Plus w/ HBO: up from $84.95 to $89.95
Premier XF Double Play: up from $182.95 to $187.99

Standalone Internet Plans
Performance: up from $69.95 to $74.95
Performance Pro: up from $79.95 to $84.95
Blast: up from $82.95 to $87.95


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