U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly to oppose Department of Education nominee

(Photo supplied/U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly)

Count one Indiana Senator against President Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Education.

US Senator Joe Donnelly says he won’t be supporting Betsy DeVos, saying he carefully reviewed her record and qualifications as well as her Senate committee confirmation hearing and found she’s just not the right fit. Watch his full statement below.


  1. Hey Joe, How did our “public” schools get to be so bad in the first place? Because they are run by government and unions. Why are private and parochial schools doing much better than public schools? Because families are doing the job in those schools that the government does in the public schools and there are no teachers unions. Everyone is accountable for their actions. The private and parochial schools only exist because of the exceptional job they perform. Wouldn’t that be considered “privatized”? Federal government has no place in our schools. State government should only have a small function with regards to our schools…No doubt your voting an agenda and not for any real support of students or families as usual.

  2. “expanding access to early childhood education” – MO’ FEDERAL MONEY
    “improving our public schools” – MO’ FEDERAL MONEY
    “empowering student borrowers” – MO’ FEDERAL MONEY
    “reducing federal student loan debt” – MO’ FEDERAL MONEY
    “ensuring they (students) have access to good schools and teachers, not only
    lays a solid foundation for our students to reach their potential, but also helps
    increase economic opportunity” – MO’ FEDERAL MONEY
    (economic opportunity? that’s called jobs/CAPITALISM, what good is an
    education that there’s no job for?)
    In D.C. it’s always about the money! As the Dem’s always say to any proposed
    Republican Bill – “Where’s the money coming from to pay for this?” I pose that
    question now. Senator, the only moneys you’re concerned about are the
    contributions you’re getting from the teacher’s union.


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