Elkhart neighborhood crash causes flooding Saturday morning

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Residents of an Elkhart neighborhood were more than surprised to find flooding after a car crashed into a fire hydrant Saturday morning.

The Elkhart Police Department says the crash happened about 2:30 a.m. Saturday at Johnson St. and Modrell Ave. The suspect and car haven’t been located yet, but the passenger of the car was. He was uncooperative and refused medical treatment, according to ABC 57.

Neighbors say that people drive too fast through this neighborhood. One woman who suffered thousands of dollars of flood damage to her home told ABC 57 thought it was “just another crash” until she discovered the flooding.

The fire hydrant was busted off one of the water mains, according to Elkhart Director of Emergency Management John Faigh. Mayor Tim Neese went door-to-door checking with homeowners to see if they had water damage.

Elkhart police are looking for a truck and aren’t sure if alcohol was a factor.



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