Cigarette tax proposal targets smoking while raising revenue

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Health advocates and some lawmakers hope raising Indiana’s cigarette tax by $1.50 will create a strong smoking disincentive.

Public health officials say the increase is a proactive approach to reducing one of the country’s worst smoking rates. It also comes as Republican statehouse leaders are pushing an infrastructure funding proposal that would take money from the general fund.

Republican Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer says she doesn’t want her measure thought of as a tax bill, but GOP leaders have acknowledged that additional revenue could supplement diverted dollars.

The measure would raise the smoking age to 21, send more dollars toward tobacco cessation and prevention programs and repeal the state’s “Smoker’s Bill of Rights.” A health panel voted 11-0 Wednesday to send it to the House Ways and Means Committee.


  1. Once all of the smokers have been disincentivized from smoking, where will the money come from? The government isn’t going to say, “Well there’s no more smokers so we don’t need this money anymore.” So who next gets looked down upon and has taxes heaped on them year after year as the need arises? Soda drinkers, fast food eaters, alcohol drinkers? The money will have to come from somewhere. Perhaps there will be a way to tax people who USED to be smokers.

    • They’ll legalize pot, tax the heck out of it, all without condemning the chemicals in the smoke or worrying about second hand stoners like they have with cigarettes. What a bunch of maroons.

  2. This has nothing to do with smoking..It is an easy target for taxes. The last few cigarette taxes were supposed to be for tobacco cessation and prevention programs. I think something like 1-2% was used for some adds and that was it. The rest of the money was squandered on crap we will never know about as usual. If it were really about health the target would be alcohol and certain foods but it is not. The people trying to get in the pockets of smokers don’t smoke but they eat junk and drink alcohol so those are safe for know.

  3. Why stop at a $1.50 a pack, why not $150 a pack. If you actually had as your goal, stopping people from smoking, you would make it illegal, what a bunch of hypocrites. You sell a legal product but make it illegal to use anywhere but your own home, for now. Of course that whole prohibition thing for alcohol worked out great, didn’t it?


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