Trial of Kosciusko County Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine delayed

(Photo supplied/Elkhart County Jail)

A jury trial for Kosciusko County Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine will have to wait.

As the trial got underway, Rovenstine’s defense asked the judge that Special Prosecutor Nelson Chipman be terminated from the case, according to ABC 57.

Our earlier story…

The jury trial of Kosciusko County Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine has begun Tuesday.

In February 2016, Rovenstine was indicted on 10 felony counts, along with former Grace College Professor Mark Soto and mixed martial artist Kevin Bronson. Rovenstine is charged with three counts of bribery, one count of intimidation, one count of assisting a criminal and five counts of official misconduct.

Rovenstine is accused of agreeing to take $40,000 to allow Bronson to meet with Soto unmonitored while Bronson was in the Kosciusko County Jail.

The trial is scheduled to take six days in Kosciusko County Circuit Court. Special Judge Elkhart Superior Court 1 Judge Evan Roberts will preside.


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