Goshen High School Principal denies rumors of drug-laced candy incident

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

A rumor about a drug-laced candy incident at Goshen High School is being dismissed as fiction by the school’s principal.

A rumor on social media stated that drug-laced candies were being distributed at the school. However, GHS Principal Barry Younghans denies there is any truth to the story, according to the Goshen News.

Wednesday, Younghans issued a statement to parents and students. The rumor began on Facebook after a student was sent home for unknown medical reasons.

The story began to spread that she was ill after someone put drugs in her drink and was in intensive care. It ballooned into 30 students sent home after ingesting the drugs with school officials considering closing the school, rumors that Younghans also disputes.

He also believes that the original rumor was not made by a Goshen High School student, but the matter is being investigated.


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