Gov. Eric Holcomb pardons Keith Cooper on robbery conviction

(Photo supplied/Elkhart Truth)

Keith Cooper has finally got what he wanted from an Indiana Governor.

Gov. Eric Holcomb pardoned Cooper for his 1996 conviction of robbery resulting in serious injury.

Holcomb actually stated during his campaign for Indiana Governor that he’d pardon Cooper if facts showed his innocence.

Cooper was convicted of robbery resulting in serious injury from an incident in 1996. He received a 40 year prison term and, even though he was released from prison in 2006, he maintains he’s innocent, even though his felony conviction remains on his record.

After former Gov. Mike Pence ignored his pardon requests, Cooper’s been seeking a new trial so he can be exonerated of his crimes. A hearing date had been set for March 23 in Elkhart Circuit Court.

Cooper feels DNA evidence, several witnesses recanting testimony, and shoddy investigative work by Elkhart police are why he’s innocent.



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