UAW rally in South Bend as union prepares to head back to negotiating table

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Ten months since Honeywell employees were locked out over a contract dispute, hundreds flocked to the U.A.W. Local 5 Post in South Bend in solidarity.

Saturday’s rally also came on the 80th university of a sit-down protest in Flint that helped pave the way for labor unions to come to prominence. People drove in from as far as Detroit to show solidarity with locked out workers, according to ABC 57.

Health insurance remains a dividing point between the union and Honeywell. Workers rejected the first proposal in May because of what employees would have had to pay for health insurance.

Negotiations between Honeywell and U.A.W. Local 9 will resume on Feb. 21.


  1. I heard a Honeywell employee correct someone the other night. The Honeywell employee stated that they were “locked out” and were not on strike. No matter how you want to state it, they are not working because they want more than Honeywell will give. That’s how simple it really is. Accept Honeywell’s offer and go back to work or move on. Picketing is kind of pointless at this stage. Many Honeywell employees have applied for work at my company. Most of them apply hoping we not a union shop. When I tell them we are a “Local” union only they are relieved. Only 1 of 20 people that have applied here said they would go back to Honeywell if called. Most of them also said Honeywell employees think they are entitled and do as little as possible. Sounds like the old Bendix Corp. with the receiving clerk that couldn’t ship and the shipping clerk that couldn’t receive anything. They would just read the paper and drink coffee and not help when needed because it was a “union” and not their job…Bendix left.


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