Indiana House passes bill allowing marijuana derived medicine


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — People who have epilepsy could be treated with a marijuana-derived oil under a bill approved by the Indiana House.

The bill passed the chamber Tuesday on a 98-0 vote. The state Senate previously approved a similar measure.

Indiana’s legislature has long resisted efforts to allow the use of medicine derived from marijuana, but that appears to have changed this year. Supporters say the bill’s approval marks a significant shift after years of medical marijuana-related bills stalling.

The bill would allow the use of cannabidiol oil, which is commonly referred to as CBD. The measure is a far cry from legalizing a comprehensive medical marijuana program.

The oil cannot get patients high, but it contains compounds that have been found to lessen the effects of some forms of epilepsy.


  1. Good thing we have such intelligent politician’s that know more than scientists and doctors when it comes to treatment for Epilepsy…These will be the same people determining what medical procedures are really not needed under Obama Care? We will all die!


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