Cleaning up, restoring power after severe weather rips through Michiana

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More than 10,000 customers are without power throughout Michiana after storms blew through the area late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

That number includes more than 6,000 Indiana Michigan Power customers, scattered throughout the region.

The latest Indiana Michigan Power outages

A transmission line serving four Midwest Energy Cooperative substations is down, leaving over 6,000 co-op members without power across Berrien, Cass and St. Joseph Counties in southwest Michigan.

The areas most heavily impacted include Niles, Cassopolis, Vandalia and Jones.

The latest Midwest Energy Cooperative outages

More than 800 NIPSCO Electric Power customers are also reported to be without power as of 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

The latest NIPSCO outages

In the City of Niles, damage is being described as “extensive” with downed trees and homes damaged. There is damage reported at Niles High School.  Saint Mary’s School in Niles and Niles High School closed on Wednesday, due to the damage.
The roof of the Niles Street Department Building was said to have been torn off, according to 95.3 MNC’s reporting partners at ABC 57.
Anybody needing shelter was advised to go to the Law Enforcement Complex at 1600 Silverbrook Avenue.

In Dowagiac, damage was reported to several homes in the area of Willard and Clinton Street, as well as along 3rd Avenue, ABC 57 reported.

In the City of South Bend, standing water in the area of Michigan and Chippewa was reported after the first round of storms blew through late last night. That’s near the area where hundreds of homes were damaged by flooding last summer.

If you come across standing water in any roadways, police advise that you not drive through it. Instead, find an alternate route.

The threat of tornadoes frightened many residents as a storm capable of producing a tornado was tracked late Tuesday night as it passed over North Liberty, Lakeville, Mishawaka, Baugo Township, Dunlap and Middlebury.

Michiana wasn’t the only part of the midwest hit hard by severe weather.
At least one person was killed when a tornado spawned by a late-winter storm system swept through the central Illinois city of Ottawa.
Illinois Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Patti Thompson says the victim, who hasn’t been identified, was killed Tuesday by an uprooted tree. It hasn’t been determined how many people were injured by the storm.
Thompson says the extent of the damage caused by high winds won’t be determined until Wednesday. However, a twister hit the LaSalle County Nursing Home in Ottawa. A woman answering the telephone at the nursing home said several residents reported bumps and bruises but no serious injuries.
Emergency crews also were sent to the Village of Naplate, where several structures, including a factory, were damaged.
Thompson says storm damage was also reported in Woodford County, east of Peoria. No injuries were reported.
Tornadoes also touched down in northern Arkansas on Tuesday, killing at least two people.
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  1. Wow! Our weather sure has gotten intense in the last 20 years. Its amazing we all lived through the night. The devastation this “massive”, “severe”, “dangerous” storm caused is unbelievable! It is unbelievable because it was just a normal storm or less but our local news has to fear monger and cause panic to get viewers. Gordy Young (a former meteorologist on WNDU) said in an interview before leaving South Bend that he quit the TV news years ago and went to radio because the higher ups at the TV station demanded that all weather be reported as severe, dangerous, deadly…whenever possible. He said he just couldn’t do it anymore. Could the weather reporting we get locally be considered “Fake News”? If you always call it severe it will be dismissed when it really is severe on that really RARE occasion. The weather boy that cried wolf!


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