Indiana Republican lawmakers warn against repeal of Affordable Care Act

("Brian Bosma" by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Republican legislative leaders in Indiana are warning that repealing the Affordable Care Act could unravel a program for poor residents that Vice President Mike Pence implemented as governor.

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma and GOP Senate leader David Long both say thousands of poor people could lose insurance. Pence touted the state’s approach as a conservative blueprint for expanding Medicaid under the federal law.

Pence has been a persistent critic of the law since serving in Congress before he became Indiana governor. But one of his legacy achievements after becoming governor in 2013 was an expansion Medicaid in the state, which overwhelmingly relies on money made available under the Affordable Care Act.

Pence told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Wednesday that “we don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks.”


  1. What part of “socialism” don’t these politicians understand. The “majority” of Americans are not OK with paying for everyone’s insurance because they don’t want too. Before Obama’s crappy care these people were covered by Medicare. The notion that millions couldn’t afford health care is just not true. My brother was self employed and making $100,000 per year but didn’t want to spend his money on insurance. Not our fault! My insurance costs have tripled and my deductible is $6,000.00. That is not insurance…That is government sponsored extortion and it needs to stop! What ever congress does to the American people needs to happen to them as well but we all know they exclude themselves and have great free health care we pay for. How is this OK? We are all suckers and something needs to happen that will get people to quit putting these morons in office.

  2. This power grab by the D’s was supposedly to cover 30M people who could get or afford insurance. How much health care would the $1.2B wasted on standing up their website could have been purchased for those 30M? It had nothing to do with coverage, it had nothing to do with costs, it had only to do with seizing power over the citizens of this nation.

    Their message was don’t cross the government, don’t question them, if you do you may loser your license to work, your access to health care, your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Shut up and work peon.


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