Dowagiac man held hostage for several days in money dispute

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

A man from Dowagiac was reportedly held hostage by his friend for several days.

24-year-old Ryan McCuddy was in court Friday to face 20 different charges, according to ABC 57.

Dowagiac Police say the 22-year-old victim was beaten with a belt and threatened for several days, all the while McCuddy’s girlfriend and two infants were in the house. Photos shown in court show multiple bruisings on the back of the victim’s back and ear.

McCuddy reportedly held the victim hostage in a dispute over money. He claims the victim stole thousands of dollars from his wallet. The victim was finally allowed to leave last weekend and went to police. This after being forced to drive with McCuddy at knifepoint to collect money from his family, according to Dowagiac Police.

McCuddy was arrested Thursday night. Officers reportedly found cocaine, marijuana, and heroin inside his home. His bond is set for $300,000.



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