Protesters call for Indiana University to become a sanctuary campus


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — About a dozen protesters interrupted a speech by a top Indiana University official with calls for establishing a sanctuary campus in Bloomington.

IU Provost Lauren Robel was giving the state of the campus speech Tuesday when the protesters walked to the front of the room and unfurled a banner saying “Sanctuary campus now!”

The (Bloomington) Herald-Times reports the group stood silently for about 15 minutes as Robel spoke before members started interrupting her by asking whether she would cooperate with federal immigration authorities investigating whether immigrants are in the country illegally.

Robel replied she would meet with the group afterward and that the university has acted strongly to protect students. The demonstrators continued speaking until a police officer asked them to leave and they filed out of the room.


  1. A dozen protestors that want something that is illegal can get a meeting with the Provost? What about the Women that are sexually assaulted? Do they get a meeting? Lets review.
    .0003% of the 45,500 students can get a meeting for an illegal activity (Sanctuary for illegals)
    From IU’s own investigation: •17 percent of the undergraduate women participants and 6 percent of the graduate women participants reported experiencing attempted or completed nonconsensual sexual penetration while at IU. (RAPE) How many meetings are granted for this? Where is the Provost time needed more? Apparently with the 12 students that want the University to act as an illegal haven for illegal immigrants. OMG!!!!!

  2. So, what other violations of law should IU be a sanctuary against? All of them? A safe harbor for criminals of all stripe so long as they enroll in a class?

    Send…them…home…it’s called home for a reason. It’s where they should be.


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