Elkhart’s Havilah Beardsley House to host historical signatures through May


ELKHART, Ind. (AP) — A collection of signatures of historic figures such as John F. Kennedy, Lewis Carroll, Queen Victoria and Benjamin Franklin is going on display in Indiana.

The Elkhart Truth reports that the five dozen signatures will be part of an exhibit at the Havilah Beardsley House in Elkhart opening Saturday. The exhibit runs through May 28.

Beardsley house executive director Bill Firstenberger says the collection belonged to a longtime supporter, the Rev. George Minnix, who recently passed away. Minnix collected the signatures and solicited some of them in person. The collection includes official documents, letters and notes on napkins.

Firstenberger says the signatures have been authenticated except for one — Marilyn Monroe. He says they’ll use that signature to talk with guests about why items are sometimes faked.


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