GOP leaders agree to close cold beer loophole


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Republican leaders in the Indiana Statehouse have reached agreement on a measure that appears to punish a convenience store owner who used a legal loophole to circumvent the state’s stringent law governing who can sell cold beer.

A copy of the legislation obtained Thursday by the Associated Press sets a bar so high that Jay Ricker, who started selling carryout cold beer at two of his Ricker’s convenience stores, says he will have to stop sales in April 2018.

Package liquor stores and restaurants can sell cold beer, but gas stations and convenience stores are prohibited.

Ricker worked around it by installing seating and serving burritos, landing a restaurant classification — and the right to sell cold beer.

The Indiana House and Senate must still vote on the bill.


  1. Ricker’s convenience store owner should be in prison for this horrific crime! How dare this person defy our law makers while they are performing their duties in accordance with the lobbyists that are paying them. Why do we elect idiots like this? We have to stop the insanity.
    Question: If it is cold and the furnace is not working at a grocery store can they still sell beer? What if they keep it outside and it is just naturally cold? Is there a specific temperature beer must be to sell it in a convenience store. These questions keep me up at night!


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