Indiana lawmakers pass bill allowing firearm carry without license for some

("Ruger LCP .380" by James Case, CC BY 2.0)

NDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Legislature has approved an NRA-backed gun bill that allows people who’ve obtained protective orders to carry firearms without a license for a period of time.

Rep. Sean Eberhart says his proposal gives victims of domestic violence a way to immediately protect themselves. The Shelbyville Republican’s bill also asks that police expedite those individuals’ license applications.

Opponents say guns don’t make people safer. Some also are concerned a victim’s handgun could be used against them.

The measure cleared the House Friday 74-26 before the Senate voted 38-12 to send it to Gov. Eric Holcomb. His spokeswoman says he will consider it carefully.

The bill also calls for lawmakers to study removing the requirement to have a license to carry a handgun.


  1. What a concept…being allowed to practice the elements of the Bill of Rights without needed to seek additional permission and pay a fee to the government.

    Imagine if we had to do that for the rest of the BOR. Illegal search and seizure, sorry you didn’t fill out the proper forms and get your license. Freedom of speech? Not without permission. Being able to defend ourselves and our family is a deity deigned right.


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