Story of Granger business owner deported to Mexico featured on 60 Minutes

(Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC)

The story of a Granger business owner who has been deported to Mexico was featured on CBS News’ 60 Minutes on Sunday, May 7.

Correspondent Anderson Cooper visited Eddie’s Steak Shed to talk to friends and relatives of Roberto Beristain for the report.

(Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC)Roberto Berinstain bought Eddie’s Steak Shed shortly before he was detained in February, during his annual check-in with immigration officals in Indianapolis. He was deported to Mexico in April.

Berinstain bought the restaurant shortly before he was detained in February, during his annual check-in with immigration officials in Indianapolis. He was deported to Mexico in April.

It was back in 2000 when Beristain agreed to leave the country after he was detained by immigration officials during a trip to Niagra Falls. However, he stayed because his wife was pregnant with their first child, according to the 60 Minutes report.

Beristain was given a temporary deferral three years ago. His wife told Cooper they spent $45,000 through the years hiring attorneys trying to get him legal status.

Beristain was held in detention facilities in Indiana, as well as several other states, including New Mexico and Texas before being deported to Mexico in early April, according to the 60 Minutes report.

Beristain’s attorneys are challenging the validity of the order and may apply for a special waiver for him to re-enter the U.S., though that could take several years to happen.

Read more details on the 60 Minutes story about Robeto Beristain

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  1. While I so feel badly for this man, he created the problem the minute he CHOSE to ignore what he KNEW was the law and what he was told to do.

  2. You don’t need an attorney to get legal status…you apply to immigration and become a citizen. You only need an attorney to get by those pesky laws you’ve been violating.

  3. The ignorance, naivete and outright stupidity of those Trump voters on the 60 Minutes segment was disgusting.
    They said that when they voted for Trump they believed he was only going to deport the “bad hombres” and couldn’t believe “one of the good ones” would be arrested and deported.
    I wonder if the “law and order” crowd that loves to see these deportations would feel the same way if EVERY law on the books was enforced on everyone, including white people. Probably not so much. But for some reason, these laws in particular they want to see enforced to the “T”. I wonder why…?

  4. I don’t watch 60 minutes. Maybe those people were stupid. I hope you don’t think they represent all Trump voters. Do you? Cuz then we’d have to lump all Obama supporters together too. That wouldn’t be very nice, would it?

    He’s not ‘one of the good ones’. I don’t give a rat’s behind how nice he is to customers… he broke his first law when he came here illegally and continued to break it, and snub his nose at our laws, the entire time he was here.

    So, if someone wants one law enforced, and don’t actively call out every law that doesn’t get enforced, then they have no right to call for any to be enforced? All or nothing?

    The man chose to break the law. He damaged his family by doing that. Not Trump. Not Trump supporters. Not Obama, nor his supporters. He did it. He didn’t run into a burning building to save his family as a hero. He chose to break the law repeatedly and now he’s paying the price.

    I do hope his family is ok. I also hope they learn a lesson from this and convince their relatives to go through the immigration process legally instead of swimming the New River. I’ll raise a toast to the man… “Here’s to . May he learn and grow and appreciate that the U.S.A. is a country of laws, and may he earn his way back to his family, legally, very soon!”


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