LaPorte ordinance approved requiring carbon monoxide alarms in new homes

("Carbon monoxide alarm" by CORGI HomePlan, CC BY 2.0)

LAPORTE, Ind. (AP) — The Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission has approved an ordinance requiring all new homes in LaPorte to have a carbon monoxide alarm.

The Evansville Courier and Press reports Dot Kesling has been pushing for such requirements following her daughter’s death in 2010. Kesling says up until Thursday’s vote, Indiana was one of four states without either a state law or local ordinances requiring alarms.

The Indiana Apartment Association and the Indiana Builders Association opposed the ordinance, saying they want consistent regulations statewide.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says vehicles, generators and other household appliances can emit carbon monoxide, which cannot be seen or smelled, and can lead to poisoning if not properly vented.

More than 400 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning annually in the U.S.


  1. What about all of the people that die from fires where there were no smoke detectors? need a law? What if a candle gets knocked over and the house catches on fire? Should we make a law against candles or that all materials used to build a house are 100% fire proof? What about when the batteries are dead? need a law? Why not just outlaw everything that creates carbon monoxide? Lawmakers can’t legislate everything and they shouldn’t even try. Think about all of the law suits that will come because the batteries were dead in the “required by law” detector. It will always be somebody else’s fault when someone dies from carbon monoxide poisoning…

  2. Because obviously we can’t think for ourselves…and humans can’t survive without CO detectors…how could we still be alive? There must be a company somewhere that can save us with mandated installation of its devices. There can’t possibly be an agenda here, do it for the children, elderly, idiots.


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