Experts urge Indiana residents to get tested for hepatitis


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — State health experts are urging Indiana residents to get tested for hepatitis as the state marks Hepatitis Awareness Month during May.

The State Department of Health says reported acute hepatitis C cases have risen by 400 percent since 2010.

But federal officials say nearly three-fourths of those who have the disease don’t know it and aren’t receiving treatment. Indiana data show that more than 7,000 cases of viral hepatitis were reported in the state during 2015.

There are three different kinds of hepatitis. Hepatitis A is acute and resolves on its own. Hepatitis B and C can last for decades.

All can have mild symptoms or none at all.

State Health Commissioner Jerome Adams says hepatitis can be prevented by vaccination or avoiding sharing items like syringes, razors and toothbrushes.


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