Allegan County doctor allegedly performed surgery in a pole barn

("RED WHITE and BLUE" by marty shuman, CC BY-SA 2.0)

A doctor in Allegan County, Michigan had his license suspended by the state of Michigan after he allegedly performed a surgery in an unfinished pole barn.

Dr. Bradley Bastow is also accused of dumping hazardous waste down a drain and improperly handling prescription medications, according to ABC 57.

Dr. Bastow allegedly performed the surgery in April after the patient went to Body Laser Sculpting Medical Spa in Glenn, Michigan. The surgery lasted for 10 hours and the patient’s family called 911 after seeing the patient appear to go in and out of consciousness.

In addition to suspending his license, an administrative complaint was filed with the following alleged violations:

  • Performing liposuction procedures in unsanitary conditions in an unfinished pole barn;
  • Improperly disposing and storing medical waste;
  • Improperly dispensing and recording the dispensing of controlled substances;
  • Improperly comingling human and animal drugs; and
  • Taking a controlled substance from the facility for personal use.

Dr. Bastow was reportedly ordered to bring the facility into compliance in June 2016.


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