South Bend woman accused of leaving friend’s dog in hot car to die

(Photo supplied/St. Joseph County Jail)

She was supposed to take care of her friend’s dog, but it died in her care. Now, she’s facing criminal charges.

South Bend Police were called to a home on Hastings Street Thursday on a report of a dead dog inside a hot car, according to ABC 57.

Officers found 19-year-old Alicia Ark sitting on the porch of the home when they arrived. Two doors of a black SUV were open, and a dead dog was lying on the ground.

Ark reportedly told officers that she had been taking care of the dog for the last month while she was homeless, and would leave the dog in the car while she worked. She claims she let the dog out twice while she was staying at the Hastings Street home.

Officers say the leash was not only still attached to the dog while it was in the car, but the leash may have wrapped around the dog’s neck. Inside the SUV, officers found an empty, dry, and cracked dog bowl. The rear passenger side seat belt was chewed and claw marks can be seen near the window of the rear passenger side door.

Ark was arrested and taken to St. Joseph County Jail on animal cruelty charges.

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