Michiana man traveling in London recalls aftermath of terror attack

Sam Tongue (left) standing in front of the London Bridge. (Sam Tongue/Federated Media Digital)

Disclaimer: Sam Tongue is an employee of Federated Media Digital.

A Michiana man was at London Bridge hours before this past weekend’s the terror attack.

Sam Tongue, who is on vacation in Europe, says the city was already on heightened alert, and the security is now even more strict.

“We went into a grocery store and my parents were walking out behind me,” Tongue recollected in an interview with 95.3 MNC. “And my mom tried to chase someone down and say ‘hey, you left your backpack in the store.’ They’re like ‘this isn’t our bag.’ and within 30 seconds, there were two police officers that went into the store to check it out. You could tell the city was definitely on heightened alert.”

He says the attack won’t deter him from traveling abroad, but is has changed how he’s traveling, given the extra time it’s taking to get through security at all tourist destinations.

Tongue says the attack wouldn’t prevent him from traveling to England again, either, and that feeding into the fear the terrorists are trying to create just helps there narrative even more.


  1. Gee, sounds like maybe Britain should allow their citizens to arm and defend themselves…oh, wait, that’s right they are subjects not citizens. I guess they’ll just have to wait for the crown to defend them.


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