South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg goes after President Trump on Cyber Security Unit tweet

("DNC Winter Meet 0063 'Pick Pete' Buttigieg" by Edward Kimmel, CC BY-SA 2.0)

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg goes after President Donald Trump on Twitter once again, issuing a quick response to the President’s assessment of U.S. Intelligence regarding a possible Russian hack that might have influenced the last election.

The President, after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G20 summit over the weekend, stated on Sunday that their conversation about a Cyber Security Unit didn’t mean that he thought it could happen.

“It can’t,” the President tweeted, a contradiction of his comments the day before.

Mayor Buttigieg, who serves in intelligence in the military reserves, suggested that the president consult his national security team next time, before issuing statements contradicting himself.


  1. Perhaps the Mayor should concentrate on the job he was elected to do, dealing with the problems faced by South Bend residents. Since he wasn’t in the meeting with President Trump and the Russian leader he can’t know what he’s talking about. I guess the Mayor thinks he’s qualified to be President in 2020 and he’s starting his campaign now.

  2. This guy is such a sad excuse for a Mayor. His city street plan is a joke and a fiasco. He needs to keep his irrelevant opinion to himself and fade off into obscurity where he and the rest of the democrats with their failed ideas and policies belong.

  3. Mayor buttidick is just helping all the Dems alienate themselves from mainstream America. Keep doing what your doing Mayor Buttidick! You fit right in with the idiots on the far far left!


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