Senate candidate Todd Rokita blasted for micromanaging and yelling at aides

("[U.S. Department of Agriculture]" by [U.S. Department of Argiculture], [Public Domain Mark 1.0])

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Working for Republican congressman Todd Rokita is an exacting job with long hours, made more difficult by a boss known for micromanaging and yelling at staff. That’s according to 10 former aides to the Indiana Republican who spoke to The Associated Press.

They describe staffers in tears, pay cuts for small mistakes, and aides who walked out of the office and never came back.

All but one of the former staffers spoke on the condition of anonymity out of concern for retribution from the congressman, who is now running for the Senate.

Rokita tells the AP he can be demanding, but he says voters expect their congressman to work hard.


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