Del Monte closing Plymouth plant after 35 years


Over 100 employees in Plymouth are about to lose their jobs.

That’s because Del Monte Foods has announced plans to shutter the Plymouth plant and move operations to California. WSBT is reporting that the move will take effect on or about February 1, 2018.

The plant specializes in tomato processing. It’s been open since the 1980s, employing 105 full-time employees this year. Warehousing and distribution will continue at the plant until the February closing date.

Dave Meyers, chief operating officer for Del Monte Foods, said it was a “difficult” decision, but that the move will “meet consumer’s ongoing demands for high quality products at a reasonable value.”

California has the 9th-highest corporate tax rate in the country.


  1. No factory is worth becoming a sanctuary for law breakers.

    So, Marshall County, how’s that money you’re spending on the Marshall County Economic Development Corp. working out? They keep pushing the UN Agenda 21 sustainable development bull though. Money ill spent.


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