Ardmore neighborhood residents get small victory in South Shore Line project

("20041231 14 NICTD South Bend, IN" by David Wilson, CC BY 2.0)

South Bend’s Common Council wants to apply the brakes to the South Shore construction project.


Monday’s city council meeting saw a resolution passed that would make a recommendation to the Redevelopment Commission about rerouting the South Shore Line and making it shorter. But residents of the Ardmore neighborhood, which would be affected by the new route, are not happy about the proposal.

The council wants more time to look over the proposal, and voted unanimously to approve a resolution that no TIF Funds be committed until an economic impact study is performed and shared with the public.

The Redevelopment Commission will consider the resolution on September 29.


  1. Is where the the South Shore going to be changed to in the City or the County? Check the tax rolls. How can the city tell the county what to do?

  2. Blargh, an EIS assures that this will be delayed for years, if it’s contentious then decades. But the tax money will keep going to pay for it, millions most likely and all it does is give the politicians cover.


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