Marijuana-derived oil hard to find in Indiana after it’s legalized for medicinal use

("CBD Tincture, Syringe" by Vaping360, CC BY 2.0, Direct link to source)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A new Indiana law that allows people with certain types of epilepsy to use a marijuana-derived oil for treatment spurred a statewide crackdown which made it more difficult for those seeking the product to obtain it.

Lawmakers passed legislation in April allowing certain patients to use cannabidiol. The substance also known as CBD can’t get a person high.

The Indianapolis Star reports data from State Excise Police show the agency confiscated CBD products from 57 stores during a five-week span after the law was passed, but abruptly halted those raids in late June.

Lawmakers and state officials now can’t agree whether the substance is legal in Indiana. The state’s attorney general is reviewing the matter and plans to issue a formal opinion on the legality of CBD products.



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