Grant issued to address shortage of bilingual teachers in places like Goshen

("Bremen High School - 2016" by Historic Bremen, CC BY 2.0)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — Two Purdue University researchers have been awarded nearly $4 million in federal grants intended to address Indiana’s shortage of teachers with an expertise in English language learning and bilingual education.

The funding from the U.S. Department of Education is expected to allow the researchers to help more than 400 teachers, administrators and other educators hone their ability to teach English as a second language.

Officials with Purdue’s College of Education say those efforts should help address Indiana’s lack of adequately trained English language learning teachers and bilingual educators.

The Purdue researchers will train and license elementary teachers in literacy and English language learning and K-12 teachers in bilingual education. Their efforts will be focused on students enrolled in school districts in Lafayette, Frankfort, Goshen, Logansport and Indianapolis’ Lawrence Township.

Goshen Community Schools has a high percentage of Hispanic/Latino students.


  1. Does this piss anyone else off besides me? Our tax money being squandered to teach English to people that should know English in the first place. If they live here and are “legal” (doubt that) why wouldn’t it be their obligation to learn English and pay for it? At the least they should pay for the “special” teaching requirements themselves. Why the hell are we paying for it? Who decided that we would pay for it? Probably the same people that decided tax payers would fund all their schooling and lunch and breakfast…The communities that cater to the Hispanic/Latino students should pay out of there pockets as this should not be a federal tax issue. Why is it our problem if they are the people allowing children that don’t speak English into our schools? Will someone please tell me of another country I can decide to move to that will teach my children to speak their language at the expense of their natural citizens? Does this exist?

  2. I just hope this is Purdue idea & will finance it. If the local school wants & needs the teacher let Purdue finance that. Why when we have so many “special” teaching requirements does the public have to finance it.
    This is not a federal issue, nor a state issue, nor a local issue. They need to learn english to conform with the majority of America. May God Bless America.


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