Elkhart County seeking solutions for buggies that damage local roads

GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) — A northern Indiana county where horse-drawn buggies are damaging local roads is seeking a solution to its persistent road repair costs.

Elkhart County Commission President Mike Yoder said Monday the county needs to study both its annual $50 buggy plate fee and its yearly costs for repairing roads left pitted by horses’ hooves and the buggies.

Yoder says if county officials opt to increase the plates fees they should coordinate that increase with adjacent LaGrange County.

Both counties have large Amish populations that use horse-drawn buggies for transportation

The Elkhart Truth reports that Elkhart County collected more than $184,000 in buggy plate fees last year and all of that went for road repairs. The commissioners on Monday approved spending $84,000 in economic development funds to complete this year’s road repairs.

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Interesting that this is now a problem...Wonder why? New taxes coming you can bet! October 5, 2017 at 10:57 am

We need more taxes and new laws regulating horse hoofs. All horses need to wear rubber shoes that should be provided by the government at any price they see fit. If you don’t buy the rubber shoes you will be fined (the supreme court said the legal term is taxed) what ever amount they decide. Everyone has the RIGHT to rubber shoes and it doesn’t matter if they don’t want them or can’t afford them. Our socialist society needs to make sure everyone has them at the expense of the dumb people that go to work everyday. Government employees are excluded from these requirements of coarse. Their horses can just wear regular iron shoes and they won’t be “taxed” because obviously government people are better than us normal folks. As stupid as all this sounds, don’t be surprised when it happens.


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