Senator Todd Young, Rep. Fred Upton urge Roy Moore to drop out

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Sen. Todd Young joined a growing chorus of Republicans calling on embattled Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore to drop out of the race.

Moore has been accused of having sexual contact with two teenage girls and pursuing three others decades ago. But so far he has denied the allegations, first reported by The Washington Post, and refuses to drop out of the Alabama Senate race.

Young said in a series of tweets Monday that the allegations “remain far more persuasive” than Moore’s denials.

Young says that “disqualifies” Moore from serving in the Senate. He also said that if Moore does not step aside, the Senate will “need to act” to protect its integrity.

Moore has said he is the victim of a “witch hunt.”

Southwestern Michigan Congressman Fred Upton also took to Twitter to call on Moore to step aside.

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Wake up and stop letting the libs and media feed you this crap! November 15, 2017 at 9:21 am

So what! If these women could not say anything in the 70’s why now? We all know why now. This is 100% political but Americans are to stupid to see it (or care). I watched a women really trying to cry and sound as if she was traumatized yesterday when telling a story from 35 years ago about a man she says made unwanted advances. Didn’t rape her. Didn’t molest her. But she thought he was going too…Ridiculous. only her word but apparently that is enough to convict this man in the media. The media of coarse is not mentioning the cases on going against liberal congressman. Only ones you’ll hear about will be these 35 year old testimonies that are suspect at best.

Kathy Lowe November 15, 2017 at 7:45 pm

Todd has no problem raping and pillaging our youth for every dime they will ever earn, by voting for every debt limit and spending increase he sees. Maybe he should heed his own advice.

IKR? November 20, 2017 at 8:56 am

Because in America you are guilty until proven innocent (if there is an R after your name)…and if you are proven innocent it will be crowed from the back of an unread publication.

Very convenient timing of these allegations.


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