Protest organized against proposed ICE detention center in Elkhart County

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

There was a protest on Thursday in South Bend over a proposed immigration detention facility being discussed for Elkhart County.

More than 100 community members from both St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties gathered at Our Lady Of The Road in downtown South Bend to show their solidarity against the construction of the proposed ICE center.

The group behind the protest, calling themselves the “Coalition Against The Elkhart Immigration Detention Center”, claims they have gathered over 1,300 members in a little over a week.

Elkhart County Commissioners will eventually decide on the proposal, and they will be reading letters written to them by the group during Thursday’s event. An official decision is expected after the new year.


  1. The old adage of ” if your doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about” applies here. I hear “our community” tossed around alot theses days unfortunately its not “your” community if your not legally in this country. If your worried because ICE might come to town to do their jobs then you more then likely have somthing to hide. Get legal and you don’t have to worry!!!


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