Indiana State Board of Education approves new graduation requirements


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana State Board of Education has approved new requirements mandating that students do more to graduate from high school starting in 2023.

The measure passed Wednesday on a 7-4 vote after hours of testimony from educators who overwhelmingly opposed the changes.

Students beginning in 2023 will have to complete coursework, demonstrate employability skills through service or work projects or show they’re post-secondary ready through exams that include the SAT and ACT.

The added rigor has stoked fears that the graduation rate will plummet and local schools will be overworked tracking the requirements.

But others see the move as necessary to ensure students are ready for either college or the workplace.


  1. Finally!!!! We are setting up schools so some students can excel rather than dumbing down all students so all are the same (Mediocre).

  2. This is a great plan! This will allow students that put in the work to separate themselves from the students that don’t care too. Kind of puts an end to our current system that basically makes every student mediocre and the same when they are not and never will be the same.


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