Snowy Owls to appear in great numbers in northern Indiana

("Snowy Owl" by USFWSmidwest, CC BY 2.0)

Arctic snowy owls will be making a grand appearance in northern Indiana this winter.

That’s because of what wildlife experts say was a robust breeding season for the white and handsome owls. The director of Project SNOWStorm told the Times-Union that if there’s a winter to see the birds, this is it.

The birds’ migration from the great white north to the Great Lakes area has already begun, with some reports of the snowy owls appearing in places like North Webster, Grace College, and Mentone already.

The owls are large and powerful and became a fan favorite because of Hedwig…Harry Potter’s companion in the TV and book series.

If you see a snowy owl that looks sickly, you’re asked to respect their space and contact the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.


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